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Saturday, June 15, 2019

 As for today, there are 5 Variants of Hammer of Thor Circulating in the market, lets all make an honest review on which among them gives th...


 As for today, there are 5 Variants of Hammer of Thor Circulating in the market, lets all make an honest review on which among them gives the real results without adverse effect to health,


1. Capsule: This Variants of Hammer of thor is the most popular .due to its form, so easy to counterfeit, in fact there are 5 capsule coloers on this, Yellow, Red ,Black, Brown,  Blue, Beware buying this online, specially on the website that is not offering real contacts from sellers, if you order this VIA C.O.D here in the Philippines, make sure, you have the contact of the seller, since you order this via CASH ON DELVIERY, theres a chance,  if you use the products and find it later not effective, you wont be able to contact Seller anymore, Because you've order it VIA LBC,

Among capsule Variants, based on our customers Review, calling us, texting us everyady, the got fake variants of Hammer Of THOR, some they just buy it online. in some famous Portal even at LAZADA or shopee, BEWARE. . because  the capsule Variants isnot the Original Variants of Hammer of thor, those capsule are just Counterfeit, or maybe the old same CAPSULE male enhancer they are selling since The Old time, - They just rebtanded it, repackage it . and use the popularity of the HAMMER OF THOR NAME

2. TABLETS: This also comes in 2 Variants, the White and the Blue tablet variants, as we write this article, some are still selling it .even side walks of Divisoria in the Philippines, some sell in on Facebook, BEWARE, as this tablet  form might bring you real trouble and side effects. The TABLET FORM is not also the Original Variants Of Hammer of Thor,

3. SYRUP:  This Variants i personally tested it out of curiosity, it taste like medicine, and very Bad. no effect in my manhood, i would say this is also fake variants, as it does not delivered what is expected on it's packaging,

4. OIL: Onotehr thor Variants in OIL form, liquid and topical, it also not secure to order and based on customers review, theres no effect . out of 50 comments on the website alsmost 94%  says its not good ,no effect, and its FAKE, the remaining 6% commentors  maybe are just TROLL. or the owner itself just made those  positive Reviews,

5. POWDER: This Variants of Hammer of THOR under the umbrella of the name'' THORS HAMMER'' got the best review.  compare to four variants, the powder Hammer Of Thor comes in Black ZIP lock and being sold @,, shopdaddy asia, even in LAZADA. we found this variants gaining the most positive feedback anong any variants of Hammer Of THOR

Hammer Of Thor Philippines

 pure herbal that comes from pulverized  roots and leaves of the organic herbal medicine found in Malaysia and U.S.

According to users, this Variants of HAMMER OF THOR aids also to some patients suffering Prostate enlargement, and diabetis, it also regulates high blood pressures and helps people with heart problems.

SIDE EFFECTS:  The side effects of a god herbal can be notice after 1 day or 2 days taking it, theres a pain in muscles,and back pain, this is a true resut for detoxicifation process,  some saying that after taking this powder Herbal, they have a better sleep. and more vigor in terms of Physical Activity,

RECOMENDATION: as we tried this herbal. and found it more effective. its best taken after meal,  and at night, the erection also show tremendous result and ejaculation favors high and complete  satisfactions, but the best results comes after release, you will feel the hardness and erection is still at its 100% and can still penetrate and satisfy your partner in bed

PRICE: COmpare to all variants of HAMMER OF THOR, this Powdered Type.  got  the most Pricey figure, no wonder, beacuse its very effective, the black ZIPLOCK comes in 6 sachet silver pack (5grams)  price @ 1499.00 plus 75.00 Shipment Fee in the Philippines,  the regular packs comes in 2500.00 with 12 silver Foil pack 5 grams/sachet . 

USAGE: The Powder Hammer Of Thor  can be use by men age 18-65+ years old, how ever. some, users reported that men aged  65+ sould take this herbal twice a week, if you are at the age 30- 45  the best usage of this is once a week only,

PALPITATIONS: no reported palpitations Effect

RAW INGREDIENTS: Hammer of thor Powder, contains, Tongkat ali, MACA, horny goat Weed,

FINAL FEEDBACK: +A rating, 5 stars and  No Negative Feedback so FAR
REFFUND WARRANTY: YES website who sell this must have Contacts, if you happern to buy this Variants  (HAMMER OF THOR POWDER)  you find it no contacts on the website,DO NOT BUY from this,  website

Contacts: 0926-6917-190
Website: Resell @ / www.hammer-of-thor-org